Lakes Alto and Sante Fe are the headwaters of the Sante Fe River,  which flows into the Suwanee River.  They are beautiful lakes fed by rainwater and springs.   Fishing is good, sailing, water skiing are a lot of fun. There are good County maintained ramps to launch your boat.   They do have Alligators and moccasin snakes, so it is wise to be very cautious swimming.


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There are many wonderful Springs in the surrounding area. Ichetuckee is very popular for a day out to picnic or ride rubber rafts down the Ichetuckee River.  There are nice paths to wander through the woods and camping areas.  Swimming is very comfortable since the water entering the pool is at a constant temperature of around 73 degrees.  The Springs feeding the River produce an average flow of 233 million gallons of water daily. Canoeing, snorkeling, and diving are also available.

Ginnie Springs is a private resort with a wonderful underwater world.  It is a haven for scuba divers from around the world.  It is called a  jewel of the forest on the Sante Fe River.  It offers camping, diving and snorkeling equipment rentals and canoe rentals.  A full service dive shop provides instructions.  A country store and pantry are also available.   The name Ginnie dates back to 1847 when a logging company had a black lady for laundress by the name of Ginnie. The name was used to identify the location.

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